Working and Learning together

Created first as a community for children, Maison Emmanuel has grown over the years with the people who live here to become an adult community, where the value of work and the need for mutual support are nourished. We believe that meaningful work is a fundamental part of finding our place in the world and contributing not only to our own well-being, but that of those around us.

We engage in organic agriculture, in crafts using natural materials, homemaking with an emphasis on orderly warmth and the sharing of tasks, cooking with healthy natural ingredients.
All that in a mutual learning and support atmosphere.

Everyone should have the opportunity to find its vocation by contributing to something. Each person in our community matters. Each individual must feel useful, valued and secure. The well-being of the individual affects the health of the whole community.

Learning together

Maison Emmanuel believes that all of us need a continuing education and opportunities to learn from each other: we need cultural and intellectual stimulation, and we can all learn new skills and develop new interests throughout our life-span.

Maison Emmanuel offers a rich learning environment: for one year volunteers who learn new skills and find their vocation, for adults with developmental disabilities who find themselves in the role of teachers as well as students, for longer term workers who choose to make their home here: through training, artistic work, craft skills and study groups, through meeting the other and working through the challenges of communal life.

What kind of work do we do?

The goal of self-sufficiency, although a distant one, is important to us – we aim to be as independent as we can in terms of our food production. What we cannot grow, we are careful as to where we buy – we aim for local, organic and fair trade food products, and for as little processed as possible. Agriculture and the care of the land are important tasks. With our small farm, vegetable gardens and the forest to “hold back”, the work outside is a fundamentally important part of life at Maison Emmanuel.

Cooking and cleaning are often seen as drudgery: we believe that homemaking is an art that is at the heart of our life together, and that caring for the spaces we share is one of the basis for a healthy community.

Crafts are also central to our work together, whether it is creating objects for use in the houses, as gifts or to sell. The action of making something by hand and transforming materials together is a way for each of us to learn new skills.

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