Work Areas

The workshops:

Householding/Cooking and Food Processing

Caring for our homes, from laundry and cleaning to flower arranging.

Preparing meals, soups and spreads using as much as possible the produce from our gardens, drying herbs, transforming and preserving the vegetables from the gardens.


The gardening crew works from May until October, producing almost all the vegetables we eat over the summer. Seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting, drying and preserving the produce are all part of the work.


Maintaining our grounds, from lawn-mowing to fence building, snow removal to trail clearing, splitting and hauling firewood and keeping the community paths maintained.

Caring for our animals, cleaning the barn, collecting the eggs…


Our woodwork shop produces a variety of toys and domestic items for the houses and for sale, as well as furniture for the community.


Using natural and recycled materials, our weavers work on hand looms to produce a range of items both for sale and for use in the community.


Our pottery, located in Val David, produces dishes and sculptural pieces for use in our homes and for sale. We exhibit every summer at 1001 pots, an important ceramics exhibition in Val David, where much of our production is sold.


We make hand-dipped beeswax candles for use in our houses and for sale.


We bake all the bread that we need for the community, as well as croissants, cookies and granola.

Visit our new community café and boutique :
Café Communautaire La Chapdelaine
2454, rue de l’Église, Val-David

Find all our baked goods at :
Bio Sattva
Located at 1340, road 117 Val-David !