Our philosophy

Maison Emmanuel´s philosophy is fundamentally rooted in the idea that a healthy social balance can only be found when each person works for the welfare of the other, and that through this colleagueship my needs (financial, material, emotional) will be met by those around me, as I strive to meet their needs.

In such a relationship, ability and productivity no longer become the basis for what I receive: each gives what he or she can for the good of the other, and the needs of each one are met by the community as a whole. Thus, we can break away from the pattern of carer/caregiver relationships, and meet each other as equals in our differences.

Follow these steps:

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  • 2. Fill out the initial enquiry form (see below).
  • 3. You will then receive additional information from us.
  • 4. Fill out the application form.

2 – Initial enquiry:

Fill out the enquiry form Click here.

For those of you who do not wish to use our website to submit your enquiry, please contact us by mail, telephone or fax.

Admissions Group

Maison Emmanuel

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Val-Morin QC Canada J0T 2R0

Telephone: 819-322-7014

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Email: contact@maisonemmanuel.org

3 – Do not go to “step 4”. You will receive additional information from us.

We will send you additional information.

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4 – Fill out the final application form:

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